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1. Word of advice.
Deviation In Storage? by What-the-Gaff
Deviations in storage are annoying. the moment you discover that the deviations you liked have suddenly been erased from your gallery leaving only an empty box taking up space in your favorites gallery.
It can also be annoying for watchers and visitors especially when they start browsing your galleries.
But with all the stored deviations filling up all that space, it could take them days to view your entire collection.
You may never know when the artist will decide to take their deviations out of storage, so my advice is this.
In order to save time for you and your fans. You must remove all stored deviations from your fav gallery.
And check up on them every now and then, whether weekly monthly either way, in case one comes up, get rid of it immediately.

2. My Thoughts on Fan-Fics. stamp by Metallikato
It may be a lot of fun to read Fanfics. To put your favorite Character into a situation that never happens in Original Canon.
But most times they can get a little out of hand, especially when it comes to bad grammar... I tend to wonder if they're from different countries or haven't actually read any real books much enough. 
PICK UP A DICTIONARY, PEOPLE! Second to sloppy grammar, what turns me off is when my favorite Characters don't act like their true canon selves in each stories, brought out of character to say the least.
I find it downright degrading to their Image.
But the way I see it, fan-fictions are gateways to alternate dimensions made through the minds of the writers.
Even if they don't have an A.U to their summaries, that is what they are to me.
So when you read or write fan-fictions about your favorite fictional Characters, try to remember they're true character and why you fell in love with them.
And if those favorite Characters aren't acting like themselves, but are instead doing or behaving in some sort of way they never would in original canon.
Try to think of them as alternate dimensional counterparts of that original canon Character, and don't lose sight of what they really are. 

3. Deleted or Deactivated
Stamp 37 - Deactivation by satakigreendragon
I have noticed a lot deviants coming and going... too often, for either various or personal reasons.
But what breaks my heart is when some of those artists just decide to stop doing the very thing their fans love them for. Or worse, remove them entirely. It feels like just when I start to like a certain fan series or picture, they end up disappearing. 
I can at least understand the pressure they must go through to do what they love and/or appease their fans, and the reason for delays such as school, work, mourning, or sickness, all the same. 
But one day they just stop... we might never understand why, even if they give us a reason, especially when they erase any traces of their old work and pretend they never existed, but it's of no use, the work they deleted have already left their marks and will forever remain in our imaginations even if we never see them again... We'll know... we'll remember. And we will try to find them again.
But even if you guys are no longer interested in your own work, don't just delete them from your account. If you intend on leaving your old account and maybe start a new, don't just put your old work into storage and leave your account to linger. The site will think you never left. But maybe if you just leave your old works to remain in view so that we could at least continue to enjoy them.
But if you must remove your old work from your account, at least move them to a different website and leave a link for us to find them.
If you haven't finished them and don't intend to, let someone else do the work, leave them some notes on how it should end.
You won't have to be bothered by us about 'em ever again.
Well anyways, each time something like this happens, it leaves me more determined to continue my own work.
I'm still upset about Sonic Underground's Cancellation, and angered by the Pender's Lawsuit and how it affected the Sonic Comic series.
I know it's been so long since I did my Birdsnatched Comic series and I'm sure you know why by now.
(If not,  There's something I have to tell youI'm sorry it's been so long. The reason I haven't been so active was because my parent's were going on a nasty divorce,
and it has not been easy for us.
I didn't say anything about this earlier because I didn't want any antagonizing towards my parents. And I still don't.
Mom and Dad have been at war with eachother for maybe 2 to five years, and out of spite, he took away our TV screens, our cable box, even all our computers, so throughout this time, my brothers and I were forced to share one single laptop, while I wished everyday to get back my own.
But here's where it started.
Turns out my dad's a homosexual and has been cheating on our mom for years. And when the truth came out, he became a real jerk towards us, his own family.
It's been a whole year today that he took away my laptop,
and since then he's been trying everything to drive Mom out of the house. Holding back rent, Leaving a mess in the kitchen and our den for us to clean up, listening to his music at high volume
Good News and Bad NewsWell Deviants, I have some good news and bad news.
Bad news is I still haven't gotten my Birdsnatched files back.
awhile ago, they've become trapped inside my E-book essential, So I loaned it to my Uncle Toban to find any way to get them out.
So yeah...
In the meantime you can finally enjoy my other artworks I did beforehand... although it's gonna be a slow process to submit them now.
But I refuse to give up on it, I don't want you guys to feel the way I do.
No matter how long it takes I will get done with my Birdsnatched series.
Because I am so sick and tired of such disappointments.

(More to come later on... probably)
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  • Listening to: Shawn Mendes - Something Big
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Acacia Volkerts
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: CA
Favourite genre of music: Dance, Pop, Rock, Soul, 80's, 90's, Japanes Endings, Korean hip hop
Favourite style of art: 2D, penceling,
Wallpaper of choice: Black and blue ripples
Skin of choice: Spirals
Favourite cartoon character: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario

Personal Quote: An owner knows when their pet wants to get off, but the pet has to learn when their owner can let them go.

If you are to write a story, do not submit it unless you're willing to give it an ending. No matter what the story, they all deserve an ending.

It's easier to tell a person's age when they were born at the beginning of a decade.

Dreams are like children of which we give birth to every night. So failing to sleep, is the same as failing to conceive.

Once you stray into someone else's fantasy world, it becomes part of yours.

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